Take Control of Maintenance
Atlantix Mindsafe is a leader in 3rd party maintenance and support for network, server, and storage hardware.
What Really Drives Your Decisions?
Manufacturer maintenance programs can sometimes force you to make undertake projects that don’t actually serve your business needs. Atlantix MindSafe provides maintenance and support options to give you control over budget, timing of hardware refreshes, and asset tracking capabilities to proactively manage contract renewal.
Ballooning Costs
Overpaying for maintenance, or suspicious of ballooning maintenance costs?
Unnecessary Updates
Paying for software updates that aren't even available for end-of-service platforms?
Maintenance Eligibility
Planning a forklift upgrade EOL or near-EOL hardware just to stay eligible for maintenance and support?
Deliver success to your business.
Conventional NBD and mission critical services, as well as asset tracking and options for on-site spares.
Coverage for major network, server, and storage brands: Dell, EMC, Cisco, Juniper, Brocade, HP, IBM, and Netapp.
World’s largest maintenance and support network, with 24x7 support.